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Galaxy Fold VS Huawei Mate X: Foldable Phones

Galaxy Fold VS Huawei Mate X :  We’ve been dreaming of foldable phones for years now, and thanks to devices like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, for turning these unicorn gadgets in finally becoming a reality.Its 2019 and foldable phones are next thing to unleash in the new smart phone market. These phones will be consistently spied on as to know which brand is justifyinour hard earned money.Smart phones have grown steadily


bigger over the passing years where the screens have increased in size and finishing the era of bezel screens. Screens were now seenas notch display or infinite display. This trend has also been pushed back so far and introduced these folding screens enhancing the bigger display size and easy to handle with the folding technology.Since we are considering the two-well announced smart foldable phones ready to launch in India- Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold – let’s get started with the possible rumored specifications and features announced for both the wacky devices.


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